posted in 10 for Haiti News | Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

The heart of The Salvation Army in Haiti is centered around the Corps. Across the small island nation are over 60 Corps and outposts with over 5,000 senior soldiers and 3,000 junior soldiers. It is the largest Salvation Army in the Southern part of the Western Hemisphere.

In the capital is the oldest Corps, Port au Prince Central. It is also the largest Corps in the Western Hemisphere with over 500 senior soldiers and 500 junior soldiers.

On most Sundays this Corps, which is in one of the worst areas of the city, will have between 700–800 in attendance at Sunday morning worship.

Music is a big part of the lively worship of the Corps with three traditional songster brigades, and the traditional brass band.

In addition to these groups are modern praise teams that add to the opportunities for people to express their faith through music & arts.

Haiti has little to offer its people, but Haitian Salvationists do not despair. Their joy is in the Lord!

Following the January 12 earthquake, the main corps building was condemned, which means worship is now being conducted under the sometimes fierce Caribbean sun and tropical rain.

The pictures cannot begin to tell the story of what The Salvation Army has in its future in Haiti. While the global Salvation Army has pledged to rebuild the various centers that were damaged, we in the Southern Territory have agreed to rebuild the Port-au-Prince Central Corps with a new expanded worship center, giving a total seating capacity of 3,000!

As soldiers in the Southern Territory, we are partners with our fellow soldiers in Haiti. We have a unique opportunity to need to help them build back their temple.